Automate Data Migration

Moving from one system to another?

Relying solely on the vendor to handle the transition may leave hospitals vulnerable to missing data or worse. Organizations may find they are responsible for handling massive amounts of critical data from legacy systems, requiring additional staffing and time.

Insurance Eligibility Checks

Save hours each day by automating overall electronic remittance claim process, which reduces patient payment processing time and maximizes the hospital’s cash flow.

"Our first implementation paid for itself in weeks"

If you have an employee who is manually entering information from one system to another, we can automate that process for you in a way that pays for itself in days or weeks.

"Zero errors"

We take the element of human error out of data transfer. No more transpositions or incorrect account numbers.

"Saves valuable employee time"

Eliminate the need for having employees do repetitive tasks.

Boston Workstation

What’s Boston Workstation? Boston Workstation is a workflow automator. If you have personnel performing repetitive computer tasks, such as closing accounts, transferring medical records from one system to another, or making records updates, we can probably automate those for you.

We have implemented Boston Workstation projects that did such a great job of automating processes that returns on investment were fully realized in DAYS.

How much time, money, productivity and efficiency are you losing to routine, repetitive tasks and processes?  Boston WorkStation® is your solution for:

  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Cross platform migration
  • Expediting revenue cycle systems
  • Ensuring 100% accuracy
  • Freeing up staff for increased productivity

These are just a few ideas of how you can take advantage of Boston WorkStation® to save time and money – as thousands of users are doing every day for hundreds of applications:

  • Automate data migration to a new EMR/HIS
  • Integrate HIS and third-party registrations
  • Perform insurance eligibility checks and report results into HIS
  • Integrate lab results from third-party system into HIS
  • Create backup database to solve system downtime
  • Post payments and collections notes
  • Update pharmacy data
  • Update purchase orders, create requisitions and issue stock
  • Create and manage user IDs and passwords across multiple systems
  • Manage dictionaries and tables

In addition, Boston WorkStation enhances your existing HIS by

  • Creating customized business rules and workflows
  • Providing seamless real-time access to external applications while working within the HIS
  • Monitoring users’ keystrokes and actions to guide user and workflow

Are you ready to stop wasting time and money on your tasks and processes? Contact us and put the power and efficiency of Boston WorkStation to work for you.