Healthcare Automation


Have you ever analyzed how much time, money, productivity, and efficiency you are losing by having high-value employees perform routine, repetitive tasks?

Boston Workstation is a software product that allows your department to automate repetitive data entry tasks and can save your employees countless hours.  It can be your solution for:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Cross platform migration
  • Expediting completion
  • Improving accuracy
  • Freeing up staff for more productive activities

We have performed scores of Boston Workstation implementations that save time and money including:

  • Automation of data migration
  • Integration of HIS and third party registrations
  • Posting payments and collections notes
  • Updating purchase orders

Additionally, we can provide a Boston Workstation implementation that enhances your existing HIS by:

  • Creating customized business rules and workflows
  • Taking the person out of the workflow and putting them into more productive operations.

Our first implementation of Boston Workstation freed one of our RNs from 2 hours per day of records updates with an ROI of two weeks.

-Director, Major Medical Center in Atlanta